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Business Partner Needed

I am Graham Lovell, an entrepreneur, looking for a business partner.

The business is located in Baulkham Hills, New South Wales, 2153, Australia.

Business Model

Our business model is based on supplying and supporting package software.

We have two products currently ready for release:

  1. acquire-vocab (language learning software)
  2. Pennant BookKeeping Suite

A "Learn English from Mandarin" version of the acquire-vocab software is planned for worldwide released in March 2018, when the staff working on this return from China. Other languages are planned to be added as staff resources become available.

Pennant BookKeeping Suite is ready for release to the Australian market. - market potential > $10m sales per year for the software, plus more for bookkeeping services.

Immediate Business Goals

The business goal is to create a new business with the Pennant BookKeeping Suite that will fill a market gap left by MYOB, Xero, etc. This is for small businesses, churches and other non-profit enterprises that do not need the expense and overhead of cloud-based bookkeeping software.

For a partner, I am seeking an Sydney-based partner to help me launch my micro-business accounting software package and then in running that business. This person could be an accountant, bookkeeper or any other person with appropriate training or experience.

To become a full partner, a $200,000 investment will be required in due course. The full-time involvement of the new partner is essential. Only Sydney-based persons need apply.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone who likes a challenge in a business based on the 21st century approach of providing fully-functional inexpensive software, fully supported and adequately-funded.

To discuss it with me, please give me a ring. I can provide you with lots more information to help you make a decision.

Sydney, Australia. ACN 050 284 985
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